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 What If, Pig?
 이** (jean)



“What if Pig,” tells the story of a worrisome pig who everybody's friend and wants to throw them a party but is plagued by worries and doubts thinking of all the worse scenarios that could happen.



What if, pig? By Linzie hunter. Hello. What if you had a friend like pig? What if he was the nicest pig you'd ever met? What if he was incredibly, kind, fabulously fun, and endlessly generous? What if you felt pretty lucky to have that’s how mouse felt. In fact, that's how everyone felt about pig. Pig was so kind and so generous and so much fun that he had a brilliant idea. What if I throw a party? Party checklist: decorations, hats, snacks on sticks. No sausages. Cake and donuts. Top tunes, make invitations fancy invitations. Games prizes for all! Pig’s party was sure to be the talk of the town. But what if pig had a secret? Pig was a tremendous worrier. A porky panicker! A proper nervous nelly. What if I’ve made a terrible mistake? What if a ferocious lion eats all the invitations? Or worse...eats all the guests?! Eats all the guests what if everyone gets stuck in a massive blizzard?! What if nobody comes? Or worse... what if everybody comes... and has an absolutely awful time? What was he thinking? Lame. Trevor had a chocolate fountain. And an ice sculpture. What if no one really likes me at all? I know. What if I cancel the party... tell everyone I’m sick, go to bed, and never leave the house? Okay, pig. If you're sure. Hey what if we go for a little walk? What if I always feel sad? Don’t worry, pig... things don't stay gray for very long. Surprise! Maybe we're more alike than we think. What we all talked about our worries. I worry that no one can tell I’m a horse. My ears are too small. I worry that I’ll look silly. We’re scared of water. Me too. I’m slow. I’m not even outdoorsy I get really nervous around cats. Mousey! Yay! Mouse, what if I have the kindest, most generous and fun friends a pig could meet? Yes, pig what if? 



1. How does the mouse and everyone felt about pig? 

2. What is the brilliant idea? Enumerate the worries of the pig.

3. What was the surprise? Would you like to have a friend like pig?

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