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 Man With Down Syndrome Gives Powerful Testimony: 'My Life Is Worth Living'
 이** (jean)


If Frank Stephens had butterflies from speaking to the U.S. Congress, it didn't show. Stephens, who has Down syndrome, is an advocate for people with the condition. As a representative of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, he was asking Congress for increased funding for medical research. "Whatever else you learn today, remember I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living," he told lawmakers. Stephens later told, "I'm not usually nervous, but I was that day." 


1. What do you know about "Down Syndrome?" 

2. Who is Frank Stephens? What does he advocate for? 

3. What is your view regarding Stephens urging for?

2017-11-10 오후 5:44:07
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