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 New York today: why the subway be so bad?
 이** (jean)



Why so much overcrowding? We investigated. John Taggart for The New York Times Good morning on this cheerychilly Monday. Commuters have been bemoaning the city’s crumbling subway system for decades — specifically the increase in delays and crowded trains. Yes, we feel you 7 train riders. Having more passengers but fewer trains is senseless logic. So what, and who, is to blame? And how did we get here. An investigation by The New York Times revealed that as our subway system has aged.. 

1. What are the problems that subways passengers experiencing for the past months? 

2. What is the main cause of delays? 

3. How often do you take a subway? How can we help solve this problem?

2017-11-21 오후 12:08:52
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