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 Child marriages declining, says Unicef
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Child marriage numbers falling, says UnicefThere has been a significant drop in the number of child marriages worldwide, the United Nations children's agency says.Unicef estimates that 25 million child marriages have been prevented in the past decade. One in five girls are now married before they are 18, compared with one in four a decade ago. South Asian countries have seen the biggest reduction in child marriages, Unicef says. In India this was achieved by better education for girls and by publicising the harm child marriage causes.The agency said the problem was now most severe in Africa but even so, Ethiopia had cut child marriage rates by a third. Helping girls to study rather than become child brides

1. How many child marriages have been prevented in the past decade? 

2. What is it like to be a child bride?

3. Is a child bride really married every seven seconds?

2018-03-07 오후 2:20:46
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