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 I have some questions about our class for today.
 김성미 ()

this is some part of our class.


I told about some electric charge scheme, and you answered to that.


you said : what happend is about they would only be charging like your house um, your room like that?

we call it, like for example, for my apartment, its room 201 instead of saying it's a house, it's an apartment. we call it a room.  But it's too a full house inside. It's not a just a room.


I said : room?


you said : your house?


I said : Uh...., yes, my house...


you said : Because, in the slop(f?)in~(hopin?)??, the house in the apartment are called room.

when I said room, I meant your house.

I'm used to calling, even though it is like a house and an apartment, I'm used to calling it a room  because I don't know that how we called it? you're in the slopins(maybe the same word)?? yet? becuase I'm in room 201 but, its actually apartment 201. right?


I said : um, sol, solopin?? I dont know



*** in this part, what I want to know is what is that (?:??) <--this and what I was trying to say in the first part of our class was about the progressive tax scheme. (I had found it ^^;)


I explained the progressive at the end of our class, and you answered like this:

it's very difficult to like keep your a q~~ (???) turned on. 


*** I don't know what that word is. I think It means some kind of machine or equipment like air conditioner??


and the last question.


you said like this : but if you keep the air conditioner turned on for the whole day, the electricity might go up!


*** when I use 'keep' word, I don't know the exact form. keep + something + (not verb root?)

can you give me a explanation??



2018-08-02 오후 2:22:43