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01 | 원문
Mother: Honey, you don’t have to worry. Everyone is a little bit nervous on their first day at school.
Child: I don’t know what’s gonna happen.
Mother: Yeah you do. You can decide.
(TV NEWS: Speaking indistinctly)
Husband: Bye, honey!
Child: So, I can decide?
Mother: Yeah! You’re in control. Go on, imagine it!
Child: Maybe I can make some new friends!
Mother: Okay! And what are their names?
Child: Hmmm Telly and Belly. I’m gonna spend every lunch time with them for the next of hundred years.
Mother: Oh really? A hundred years is a long time.
Child: Well, at least as long as we can then.  It will be hard but we promise to call each other.
Mother: And then?
Child: Then I’ll study hard and focus on school.
Mother: Okay, then what happens?
Child: Then I’ll travel the world. Do you want to come with me mom?
Mother: Oh, I don’t think you’ll be alone. I’m sure you will meet somebody nice along the way.
Child: What do you mean?
Mother: Nothing. Carry on.
Child: Then I’ll get a job.
Mother: Cool. If you are happy, I am happy.
Child: Then I meet someone.
Mother: OK
Child: And I want a house.
Mother: Of course.
Child: Like the one we have.
Mother: Yeah.
Child: And my own family.
Mother: Uhuh!
Child: And my daughter.
Mother: Oh, that sounds good. And then what?  
Child: Then I can…..
Mother: Well that sounds like a good plan, don’t you think?
Child: Yeah, let’s see what happens.

02 | 해설
자동차 회사 볼보에서 제작한 "안전한 차가 필요한 이유"를 영상을 통해 보여줍니다. 영상에서 소비자들에게 설명하기 보다는 영상을 통해서 느낄수 있도록 보여 줍니다. 좀 긴 광고이지만 보는동안 주인공에게 "이입"할 수 있도록 합니다. 어떠한 내용인지 영상을 통해서 직접 확인해 보시죠...^^

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