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 The Perfect Fit ft. Chris Pratt

01 | 원문
Chris: Hey, did you ever hear from Michelob Ultra? I got it?
Chris: So I’m training for this play big role. It's a Michelob Ultra commercial.
Chris. Michelob Ultra.
Coach: Lower, lower.
Chris. Michelob Ultra.
Chris: Method.
Chris: Oh use the opposite hand, I think my character's left handed.
Chris: Who's the character? Michelob Pickelstein. Michelob, my name is Tommy Ultra. Tommy Ultra?
Chris: I like beer! So sorry! I might even get my own beer truck.
Guy: Hearin' that, yeah.
Chris: I'm the new spokesman.
Clerk: I'm employee of the month.
Chris: It's not a competition.
Coach: Yes it is and relax.
Chris: You gotta be fit. You gotta love Michelob Ultra. It's not like anyone else could do this.
Staff: Name?
Chris: Pardon?
Staff: What is your name?
Chris: Chris Pratt.
Staff: Over there, Butt, Thanks! Uh-hmm.

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