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 LG robot commercial. Actress

01 | 원문
Girl: You're so cute!

Robot: Hello!

Mom: What should we have for dinner tonight?

Robot: How's lasagna?

Mom: Wow! That sounds wonderful.

Mom: Do we have all the ingredients?

Robot: Checking ingredients for lasagna. We don't have cheese. Should we order?

Robot: Okay, I'll order.

Boy: Hi LG! Play the music!

Dad: Hi LG! Let's vacuum the room shall we?

Robot: Of course, I'll do that.

Robot: Please move.

Girl: No

Robot: please move.

Girl: No! No!

Mom: Please set the timer for 30 minutes.

Girl: Make it one hour.

Mom: Oh my!

Mom: Are you okay darling?

Robot: It's my fault. I did it. I'm very sorry.

Girl: I'm sorry for what I've done. Let's go puricare.

Grandma: Hi there darling it's me grandma!

Girl: I miss you. Come quickly!

Grandma: I’ll be right there. Let's see, where's the..?

Big Robot: Can I help you, ma’am?

Grandma: Oh thank you. That's very kind of you!

Grandma: There you go. Here’s your surprise, sweetie.

02 | 해설
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