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 BeforeAlexa - Amazon

01 | 원문
Ellen: Baby!
Portia: Coming.
Ellen: Alexa, turn down the thermostat.
Alexa: Okay, turning down thermostat.
Portia: Ready.
Ellen: Ah, there we go.
Ellen: What do you think people did before Alexa?

Woman: Alessa, turn the temperature down, two degrees.
Woman: Thank you, dear.

Queen: Alexine...tell me a joke.
Joker: Jokes? Erm. You’d think I know loads? Look at me.
Queen: Next

Alex: News, get your news here.
Man: Alex, what's today's news?
Alex: It doesn't matter. It's all fake.  

Man: Al, play that song I like."
Man: Al, next song.

Woman: Alexi, tell us something interesting.
Alexi: Okay, the Earth is flat, and a witch stole his pants."
Woman: Yeah

Woman: Alexamis, send this message to Prince Constantine.

President: Alicia, remind me to delete those tapes."
Alicia: Yes, Mr. President.
I ain't deleting.

Portia: Yeah, I don't know what people did before Alexa.
Ellen: Alexa, play my favorite song.

02 | 단어&표현
* turn somebody/something down : ~을 거절하다
* turn something down : (소리, 온도 등을) 낮추다
* turning : 갈림길

03 | 해설
소개해 드리는 영상은 아마존의 알레사입니다.
점점 인공지능(A.I)의 기술이 우리의 생활에 파고들면서, 생활을 보다 편리하게 해주는 기술들이 등장을 하고 있습니다. 영상에서는 현재의 알렉사가 과거, 오래전 알렉사와는 어떻게 다른지 영상을 통해서 설명을 해줍니다.
영상 같이 감상해 보시죠.

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