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 traveling in Korea
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Hi Kathline, if you want to have cultutal experience, visit Gyeongju or Andong. I think Gyeongju is the best. you can enjoy Spicy Stir-fried Chicken(닭갈비) in Chuncheon. One day trip to Chuncheon is available from Seoul. If you want to join the Mountain Trout Ice festival, come over here in January. but it's really cold~ If you have any questions about Chuncheon, feel free to ask my sister who writes English perfectly. She is an Air b&b superhost in Chuncheon which runs "A relaxing home for guests" you can also enjoy a lot of activities in Seoul. after your plan's fixed, e-mail me. Sending text massages are a better contact way. 821071506685
2017-09-22 오후 12:43:18