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 TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer
 이** (jean)



Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their romance from pretend to officially real when another recipient of one of her love letters enters the picture. 



Lara Jean: This is my first date. Peter: We've gone out on a bunch of dates. Lara Jean: Yeah, but... those weren't real. Where are we going? Peter: I figured this would be the place to give you this, because this is where it all started. Peter: Are you okay? Look, I just wanted to say that I really... I appreciate it, but it's never going to happen. How did you know about this? Lara Jean: I have my ways. Peter: I promise I'm not going to break your heart. Lara Jean: Here we go! I promise not to break your heart. John Ambrose: Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Lara Jean: Uh-hmm! John Ambrose: You know who I am? Lara Jean: John Ambrose McClaren? I'm gonna need that letter back. John Ambrose: I need proof that someone actually liked me in middle school. Lara Jean: Everyone liked you in middle school. John Ambrose: I didn't really care about everyone. 



1. Discuss who these characters (Lara Jean, Peter, John Ambrose) are in the movie. 

2. What impresses you most about the love letters? 

3. If you could write a letter to anyone at any point in time, who would you write to? And, what would the letter say?

2019-12-27 오후 1:03:22
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