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 Robot rat may prove a lifesaver, Chinese scientists hope
 이** (jean)



Researchers in Beijing said they have developed a robot rat that they hope can be used in post-disaster rescue missions. The team behind the invention, from Beijing Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University, said the rat can squeeze through narrow spaces, climb slopes, get past obstacles and walk on snow. It could be used to carry medical supplies or emergency rations to places rescuers cannot reach, such as to people trapped under rubble after an earthquake. 



Scientist hope this ‘roborat’ will save lives. The mechanical rodent can crawl through narrow spaces...and over different types of surfaces. Its inventors in Beijing hope it will be used in post-disaster rescue missions. For example, the rat could deliver emergency supplies to people trapped under rubble. The robot is designed to mimic the motion of actual rats. The team aims to have 'roborat' ready for market launch in 2025. 



1. In detail, what can the 'roborat' do? 

2. Why was the robot design? When do they plan to launch 'roborat in the market? 

3. Where can be the robotic rat be sent?

2022-06-03 오후 12:33:44
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