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 Organic strawberries linked to possible hepatitis A outbreak: FDA
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The FDA is investigating a possible link between a hepatitis A outbreak and organic strawberries sold nationwide.  


You may need to throw out a summertime favorite the fruit food and drug administration is investigating a possible link between a Hepatitis A outbreak and organic strawberries sold nationwide. Ann Sporaco spoke to a Virginia Beach farmer about the warning. Robert Vaughn: Season has been good it's been kind of a lot of surprises on us Ann Sporaco: When farming is in your blood, you take pride in your fresh fruit. Robert Vaughn owns Von farms produce. He recently learned about the FDA's report of a Hepatitis A outbreak. Possibly linked to organic strawberries sold between March 5th and April 25th. Robert Vaughn: That is a long period of berries that were affected. You don't hear about that anything locally. A customer is picking berries here Ann Sporaco: FDA investigators say stores such as Aldi, Walmart, Kroger and Trader Joe's sold the organic fruit under the brand's fresh campo and HEB. Vaughn says these problems stem from mass production of produce. But he says there is a budding solution for people who live in Hampton roads. Robert Vaughn: We don't have a problem with USDA having recalls because we buy everything locally and we know where it came from. Ann Sporaco: Vaughn says since farmers in Hampton roads don't have a wide distribution of their produce. It’s often safer to grab the fruit right off the stem than off the shelf. Robert Vaughn: Know where your food is coming from now. How it's grown .And more importantly suppose support your local farmers Ann Sporaco: In Virginia beach. I’m Anne Sporaco for 13 News Now. And the CDC says, Hepatitis A symptoms include yellow skin or eyes, stomach pain fever, and even joint pain. 



1. What fruit is linked to Hepatitis A? What are the symptoms of Hepatitis A?

2. What is safe to do according to Robert Vaughn? 

3. What should we know about are food? Why?

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