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 World’s largest radio telescope detects mystery flashes 3 billion light years away from Earth
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An international team of scientists using the world’s largest radio telescope has detected a mysterious series of bright flashes from 3 billion light years away. The flashes, known as repeating fast radio bursts (FRB), each last for only a few milliseconds, but can release as much energy as our own solar system’s sun emits in an entire year. Most FRBs detected in the past have been recorded only once, and the latest from a distant galaxy are among the “most active” ever seen, according to scientists. The radio telescope used to detect the signals is the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) located in southwestern China. 



A mysterious series of bright flashes has been detected 3 billion light years from Earth. Known as repeating fast radio bursts (FRB), they each last only a few milliseconds...but they can release as much energy as our solar system's sun emits in a year. Li Di: The FRB is the most important discovery in astronomy after the gravitational wave detection. Our discovery, on the first persistently active FRB in this emerging field, has proven that our team is at the front of the pack. This has motivated us to construction evolutionary picture of this mysterious cosmic phenomena. The deep- space discovery is the first known persistently active source of such radio bursts. Most FRBs are detected only once, and fewer than 5% of them generate multiple flashes. The flashes were discovered by the world's largest radio telescope known as FAST. The Five-hundred-metre Asperture Spherical. Telescope is in southwestern China. Scientists are still trying to understand where the flashes come from how they are produced. 



1. What did an international team of scientists detected?

2. What does FRB stands for? 

3. How were the flashes discovered? What is it called?

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