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 Great Wall swamped with visitors during National Day holiday
 이** (jean)




China's Great Wall was swamped with visitors during the National Day holiday.

중국 만리장성은 국경절 연휴 동안 관광객들로 넘쳐났습니다.


This is the view on the Great Wall during China`s National Day holiday.

It was swamped with visitors from 7a.m. in the morning, a visitor said.

Tickets are sold out for the first four days of October.

I`m jealoous of everyone who stayed home!
I travelled more than 2,000 by car, plane , train and bus, and ended up watching the crowds here.

`Although some might think this wasn`t worth it... to me, it was an interestind experience I'll think about for many years,' one visitor said.

Mount Tai, another popular tourist site, was also packed.

About 896 million domestic trips are expected during the holiday... surpassing the record set in 2019, according to authorities.

중국 국경절 연휴 만리장성 풍경입니다.

아침 7시부터 관광객들로 붐볐다고 한 관광객이 전했습니다.

티켓은 10월 초 4일 동안 매진되었습니다.

집에 있는 모든 사람들이 부러워요!
저는 자동차, 비행기, 기차 그리고 버스로 2,000명 이상을 여행했고, 결국 이곳의 사람들을 지켜보게 되었습니다.

"비록 어떤 사람들은 이것이 가치가 없다고 생각할지 모르지만… 저에게는 수년간 생각해 볼 경험에 대한 흥미였습니다"라고 한 방문객은 말했습니다.

또 다른 인기 관광지인 타이산도 만원이었습니다.

연휴 기간 국내여행 약 8억9600만명 예상...2019년 기록 경신.


1. Who is Zaein and what does she do?  What is unique about Zaein's appearance?
2. How is Zaein's body animated? How many real human actors help animate Zaein?
3. Which company created Zaein?



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