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 The Other Side
 이** (jean)




A chicken loses his friend due to the actions of his anger he sets out the next day to start a search for his friend but things didn't go as planned, he gets outsmarted and deceived by two Crow's standing on a fence who uses this chicken as a meal for their day


닭은 다음날 친구를 찾기 위해 시작한 분노의 행동으로 인해 친구를 잃지만 계획대로 되지 않았고, 이 닭을 하루의 식사로 사용하는 울타리 위에 서 있는 두 까마귀에게 현혹됩니다



1. How does the chicken lose his friend due to his anger?

2. How does the chicken plan to search for his friend?

3. How do the crows outsmart and deceive the chicken?​ 


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